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Use of Electronics in Automobiles Increased Demands for ASIC, ASS
Frost & Sullivan has recently made public their new report on the current status of ASIC, ASSP, and FPGA markets. The report not only states how the industry is faring but also forecasts what will be the trends in the markets and what will be the ch…
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Use of Electronics in Automobile
Frost & Sullivan has recently made public their new report on the current status of ASIC, ASSP, and …
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Has The Ipod Made In Car Cd Players Obsolete?

So there you were, cruising down the open road with the T-tops out, your hair blowing in the wind and your A-track pumping Led Zeppelin. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Of course it does. My older brother talks about these days. They were known as pre-cassette tape. I was once rummaging through my brother's ancient collection of A-tracks, and thought to myself, WOW, these look like old Atari games or something. Thank God things got a little more compact.

Soon enough came the cassette tapes, and we all applauded. After all, they were so much more compact and easy to stuff in your glove box. Then by the time the 90's hit, everyone was interested in CDs. These were a phenomenal innovation at the time. Finally we had a way to play music, without a bunch or rewinding and fast-forwarding. The push of a button on our in car cd players lead to the next track and so on. It was a miracle!

Where do in car cd players stand now? I certainly have one in my vehicle. I still think the disk changer with multiple CDs works fine. However, the classic in car cd players are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Before you know it, they will be deemed obsolete. Just like every other piece of technology on this planet, a new and improved one comes along and boots it out. That is the way the process works. As of now, it is IPods and MP3 players. This compact musical wonders are currently all the rage. And I do not just mean with teenagers.

Kids and adults alike are embracing the IPod craze. Suddenly we have the ability to download up to 15,000 songs onto one small, hand-held device. How can anyone pass this up? If you have not already, make use of one of these in your ride or at the gym. Connect your IPod via a cassette tape and pop it into your dash stereo. Now you can enjoy infinite tunes as if it's one gigantic CD. Or, purchase an IPod Shuffle and clip the tiny device on your shirt at the gym. Enjoy all the tunes you want, minus the hassle of a bulky Discman.

It's safe to say that the in car cd players won't be sticking around for generations to come. Most cars now are coming IPod or MP3 ready. Just plug in your micro music store and you are off. Hey, it beats buying tons of new CDs.

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