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Leo Vince Exhaust System Review
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Leo Vince Exhaust System Review
When you want more performance from your Sportbike, you'll get the most bang for your buck by adding…
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A Purchasing Guide for Leather Motorcycle Apparel

In the early years of motorcycle riding motorcycle riders realized the danger it posed to the human body. At the time the best solution was leather. Leather has protected human since the Stone Age. It soon became the first choice of early riders. It not only protected them from accidents but also served as a wind breaker in cold weather. Leather is still a much desired commodity amongst motorcycle riders all over the world. One must be able to distinguish between the different types of leather in order to buy quality motorcycle apparel.

There are several kinds of leather and they are used for different purposes for example sheep skin is used for fashion wear, synthetic leather is used for seat covers etc. when it comes to motorcycle apparel cow hide is considered to be the most appropriate kind of leather. This is because of its durability and aesthetic appeal. A motorcycle rider must know the kinds of cowhide.

Leather passes through several different processes before it gets to us in the form of motorcycle apparel. The first process is its refinement through the hair removing process. After hair removal of the cowhide four major kinds of leather can be derived out of the same cowhide. The first chemical process which the cowhide goes through separates the outer part of animal skin from the rest of the cowhide. This skin is called grain and is the cheapest form of cowhide.

In the second stage of leather processing middle part of cowhide is separated from the cow skin. Polymer layer is added to this part in order to strengthen it. This kind of leather is better looking than the grain and it is also much more durable. Most people refer to this kind of cowhide as split.

In the third stage the cowhide under goes a process which removes the scares and imperfections from the leather. The result of this process is extremely fine leather. The product of this process is referred by many as Top grain leather. Motorcycle apparel made of top grain leather is usually worth more than the one made of split.

In the fourth and final stage the cowhide goes through a process that results in the best leather possible out of a cowhide. This type of leather is known as full grain leather. It is generally 2 mm thick soft and uniform all over. This kind of leather is the best a motorcycle rider can get.

A motorcycle rider must keep in mind the above mention information in order to make a better buying decision while searching for the perfect motorcycle apparel. In addition to the knowledge of leather one should try to get motorcycle apparel especially jackets with sufficient zippers and laces. This enhances the comfort level of the apparel as it allows the rider to close or open the jacket according to the weather. Average life of a good leather jacket is between 4-5 years. This can vary under extreme weather.

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