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Leo Vince Exhaust System Review
When you want more performance from your Sportbike, you'll get the most bang for your buck by adding an aftermarket exhaust system. Slip-ons are a bit cheaper if you're budget conscious, but the money you spend on a full system will be money well sp…
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Leo Vince Exhaust System Review
When you want more performance from your Sportbike, you'll get the most bang for your buck by adding…
Motorcycles For Sale Or 10 Tips
One of the best places to purchase nearly new motorcycles with low mileage at a price as much as 90%…
American Chopper Party Games For the Kids

The American Chopper television show has become so popular that even the kids have become regular fans and want their own American Chopper party games at their parties and celebrations. Here are a couple great games themed after the American Chopper show.

Zoom, Motorcycle:

This American Chopper party game is fun for the kids and is meant to be played while sitting down so the adults at the party can relax a bit too. Get everyone at the party in a circle and tell them that the group is going to start up one of the great motorcycles that have been tricked out on American Chopper. Youll start the motorcycle by saying zoom and the person next to you will repeat zoom and this will continue from person to person around the circle. Then youll try and get the motorcycle going a bit faster by trying to get everyone to repeat zoom faster and faster. Any person can stick out their arms and yell Eek! when the zoom reaches them to stop the motorcycle. Though the motorcycle has to go into reverse when this happens. Whoever just said zoom will say it again and the person before that and so on until someone stops the motorcycle again.

Choppers Slogans:

Make up a bunch of slips of paper with the names of each of the guys and gals from the American Chopper party on them. You can list one person two or three times to make enough slips so everyone at the party can choose a name. Have each person draw one slip from a hat and give them each a pencil and paper. Have each person create a fitting American Chopper slogan for the American Chopper employee thats been drawn.

For the hardest part of the American Chopper party games each person has to begin each word of the American Chopper slogan with a letter from the characters name. Then everyone will read their slogans out loud and youll pick the best.

The kids will really enjoy these two American Chopper party games. If you play some episodes of the show and have lots of good food at the party youll have an even better time.

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